Yusō is the world's first customizable augmented reality (ar) showcase platform that lets you take your products anywhere, while also generating leads and analytics.

What do you get?

Get fully custom ar experiences that can integrate with your prefered CRM for lead capture and data analytics, at a fraction of the cost and development time.
immersive showcase icon

Immersive Showcase

Transport your product to trade shows, showrooms, and more, all in one immersive experience.

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Leads & Analytics

Capture new leads and find out what people think of your products while they interact and experience them.

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Fully Branded Apps

Create a fully branded augmented reality application that you can easily install on your own devices.

How does it work?

With the Yusō platform, we can quickly create custom ar experiences of your products. You’ll get a ios app that let's your company easily capture leads and get meaningful analytics for your products.
Tell us what you need

Tell us your needs.

Do you have a trade show coming up and want to stand out? Are you looking to supercharge your showroom with the latest technology? Need to show off a product, but don’t have the space?

Using the Yusō platform, we'll work with you to build an experience that fits any need.

Configure your app

Configure your AR product showcase.

Configure your Augmented Reality app using a number of options that Yusō offers:

  • Add interactive 3D models of your products
  • Show immersive videos of your product and its features
  • Highlight key features of your product with interactive hotspots
  • Easily integrate with your Hubspot account for lead capture and analytics
  • Get a fully branded, custom experiences
Get an awesome app

Get your own unique experience

Get a fully branded AR app that showcases your products, and plugins into your CRM to generates leads and analytics.

Then take your products anywhere: showrooms, tradeshows, etc, and see what people think of it in one simple solution, Yusō.

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ's

What if I do not use Hubspot?

Not an issue, Yusō can help you get setup with a hubspot account or we may also be able to plug into your preferred CRM. Just ask!

Do I need internet on my device to use Yusō at a tradeshow?

Nope, you only need wifi to download the app on your device and push the analytics to the CRM. The app runs locally on your device. That means everything is saved safely on it until it gets uploaded to your CRM. So if you don't have internet at the tradeshow, no sweat. Just connect to wifi later to get all your leads and analytics at a more conventient time.

What devices can I use my Yusō app on?

Yusō apps only work on the latest IOS (IOS 11) devices that feature Apple's ARkit capabilities. See a full list of apple devices that can work with your Yusō app here.

What if my company does not have 3D models of our products?

No problem, the Yusō team can create and edit 3D models of your products, or you can use images and videos to show off your product as well.

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